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At Cooperb we love everything about bikes, but surely the greatest gift they can give is the ride! We want to share the joy of riding with you whenever possible.
That’s why we pack a seriously full events calendar with great ride outs! We choose the best routes along the nicest roads to some fantastic destinations. Most of our rides are one day or even an evening affair. But we also have touring trips & even opportunities to fly ride with us!

Other events include Bike Traveller presentations, most often Author’s with real RTW experience who, using our projectors share fascinating experiences of great two wheeled adventures in far flung places! We also have Bike Safe, Biker Down & Doc Bike presentations as well as new model launches and demo days. We offer these events completely FREE of charge & they offer a great opportunity to meet other like minded people & see & do something just a little different!

Find your next Cooperb event here & start planning for great fun!

If we’re not riding or playing with bikes, chances are we’re thinking about them! Our news page is like a hub of all things bikes and associated offers & interests. Find out what’s new or just what we are up to!