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Custom Bikes

As keen riders ourselves, we have always had in interest in adapting our bikes to suit our own taste & needs. One of things that first attracted us to Royal Enfield was the potential for personalising or customising the bikes. Over the years this has developed into an obsession! We are always looking at ways we can enhance the look & feel of these bikes – we just cant help it!

This allows us to offer our customers the chance to commission a bike that is a one off & very special!

We build these bikes in house & over the years have built up contacts that means we work with a network of the very best people in the business. We work with the very best suppliers, fabricator’s, painter’s & trimmers in the UK & together, we can build just about any spec of bike you’d like!

It might be that you want a Himalayan perfectly adapted to explore South America – you may want custom built suspension & lightweight wheels and the very lightest & best luggage available.

Or you may want a mean & aggressive looking custom that turns heads wherever it goes. What ever you’d like, we can help.

Our bikes don’t just look good, we rework suspension, wheels & brakes so they ride great too! our custom exhausts sound amazing!

Our bike’s have been featured in Built Magazine, shown at countless show’s (including Bikeshed) and we are finalists at the European Busted Knuckles competition too!

So, if you’d like to buy a Royal Enfield that’s even better than stock, or would like something that’s totally unique – we can help!