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Distance Selling

Even before the dark day’s of Covid people were starting to change the way they buy their vehicles. In a modern world where convenience is key and time is everything, the days of needing to trawl around from showroom to showroom searching for the right vehicle is now over.

The power of the internet & the development of technology now allows us to see everything up close up from any distance!

At Cooperb we have adapted to distance selling in a big way. Since 2019, selling bikes hundreds of miles away has become perfectly normal to us.

We took a long look at our customers experience & adapted every part of the process to make it as easy as possible, and at the same time, as reassuring as possible.

First, we only offer bikes for sale to the public after we have appraised them & they have been approved as top quality. So, the bikes you are viewing on our website are all absolute top drawer!

We sell joy, not trouble. If it’s from us, it’s quality!

We take loads of images of the bike and offer close up pictures of all the important area’s. We use WhatsApp to share walk around video’s which we can personalise. We won’t hide anything from anyone’s view, you will see exactly what you’re going to get!

Then, we prepare them in our own workshop to the very highest standards. We NEVER scrimp on preparation & when we work on the bike we are striving for perfection. Our mechanics are time served experts, their work is their pride (& they really do care.) These guys would not cut corners even if we asked them to! We do everything above and beyond what you may expect and are fully equipped to carry out any service or repair, so, when the bike leaves it is literally tip top!

We offer up to 3 years RAC warranty & every bike has at least 3 months RAC cover included. This means wherever you live in the UK, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, a local repairer can take care of it for you. This saves the worry of getting the bike all the way back to us.

When you buy from home, you will receive an approved Distance Sale Contract from us. This sets out clearly in writing that as a distance sale customer, what your extra rights are. This gives you complete peace of mind that the transaction is legitimate & your rights are protected – we want you to be confident in us as well as the bike.

Our finance partners are also geared up with us. From our website you can easily navigate the finance proposal & then when the time is right, we will send you a link to sign the documents & complete the finance. It’s super easy & totally secure.
Lastly, getting the bike to you. We only work with the very best people we can find. And in our experience, the best team to deliver your new pride & joy is MotoMovers!

We work together to make sure that the delivery date & time suit you. On the big day the bikes journey is tracked so know exactly what’s happening. The bike is carefully transported in properly equipped vans that ONLY carry motorcycles. There are only 3 drivers and all of them are riders themselves. These lovely guys will cosset your bike & are happy to show you around it and we will be available regardless of delivery time to answer any last-minute questions you may have.

To conclude, the whole process is easy, convenient & safe. We arrange the finance, part exchange, warranty & delivery. And we are always available to help. So, wherever you live, now you don’t even have to leave home to end up with a fantastic new bike!